Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Back from the band trip. Dehydrated, tired, hungry, cold, and had a blast!

The 16 (or 15?) hour bus trip there wasn't too bad. We left at 10 p.m and started off with X-men blaring in our ears, followed by the day after tomorrow. Didn't get to sleep until 5 in the morning, stopped at mickey d's around 7, and continued on our merry way with American pie band camp.

The Sheraton (the hotel) was okay. The lobby was glassed in, which was neat. For dinner we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and everyone danced! Back at the hotel, we had our share of gawking at water prices ($5 for a bottle!), crying (one of my friends was having a terrible time with a boy), making out in an elevator (again, one of my friends), and watching family guy.

The next day we wasted away at universal studios, which was amazing! We rode nearly every ride, and spent money on pointless things, like food and hair wraps. That evenings we screamed our lungs out at Medieval Times. Our team was the red knight, and ask any girl that attended, that boy was fine. All the other knights were "..." but this hero? Mmhmm. And he even won the tournament! Everyone wanted a picture with him, so naturally they thrusted their cameras at me and I was photographer for a night.

The following morning our voices were shot, but we went to First Baptist of Orlando to practice for the concert the next day. It was huge. They have the biggest organ in the southeast! And their sanctuary is bigger than the Rosa Hart theater at our civic center. Way bigger. Very impressive. After we loosened our fingers, we went to Downtown Disney, a city in itself. I was running low on energy, and basically just drifted through the stores, not really buying anything. We ate at McDonald's, as it was the cheapest "restaurant" there. (I didn't want to pay $17 for spaghetti.)

Concert day! We felt the energy while blasting our pieces. Amazing. After we blew away the judges, we went to a regular mall, where I was lured in by Floridians into buying lunch from a Chinese buffet (the Asians were yelling at me from across the walkway to try their chicken); the Godiva chocolate store (which was very expensive, but worth it) and other places. My friends and I ventured into Tiffany & Co. Diamond store, where we pretended we were rich, and we did the same in the Coach store. (You know, those purses everyone has with the C's covering them.)We spent the rest of the time in a furniture and a massage store chilling.

Awards! We went to Wet 'n Wild water park, where we would be receiving our gold. We got first in everything possible. End of story and can't wait until next year!

Friday, April 17, 2009

not an update, but...

Yesterday she participated in a TOMS community walk, where people show up at Barbe and walk a mile barefoot on the track. The purpose of this is to show how little kids in third world countries feel because they don't have shoes. Thinking it was a worthy cause, she went.

And got blood blisters.

But on the positive side she's leaving for Orlando on Tuesday evening! It used to be two months away... one and a half... one.. and now four days to come! [enter scream here.] The band (for it is a band trip) will be going to Hard Rock cafe, Universal Studios, Medieval Times, and some mall for six hours. [enter groan here.]

So far spring break is... "eh." She filmed a video. (If you haven't already seen it well forget you.) But mostly she's been outside getting sunburned or indulging in cookie dough.

Last night she felt as if the world was speeding away, and she was anchored in one spot. Everyone is doing everything. And here she is. Still.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Note: the Juilliard Project no longer exists. (Haha!) In place of its link is Stories.

For Easter: (for Jesus.)

typical spring

It's been weeks.

A lot has happened since her last post. She's had her fair share of standardized tests. For three days she let the GEE drain her, and then the following Saturday she took the ACT, and surprisingly finished math! Science murdered her though. But that's okay.

And now it's spring break. She went shopping for an Easter dress... And then spent the entire day outside... plans to finish a bug project and film a new movie on monday... hang out with new friends...

And a new story is starting to take form. Forget about the Juilliard Project--- she knows nothing about New York.

No this is about a blind girl, from her point of view.

She knows no colors. Can't grasp the images her family reveals through their words. Her memories are based upon what she was feeling or hearing at that particular time. But like the girl form the Juilliard Project, she has a musical ability, but can't do anything with it. She can't play, as her family is poor and can't afford a piano worth their life. She can't write, because she never went to school. All she can do is listen. Listen to the music, to stories, and feel secluded because everyone treats her as though they can't see her.