Monday, December 14, 2009

By the way, I quit my diet.

The song was vibrant and lush. It was thriving, entwining notes within itself, and crescendo into a beautiful melody.

And then, very gradually, decomposed into a trickling clink of piano.

Their friendship was like a rocket launch. A few words passed their lips, and then, suddenly, they were thrown together for the ride. They blossomed together, learning, sharing, laughing. Within a few months they had created a tower of friendship so passionate they deemed themselves the best of friends. When together, everything was right. Reality was shoved in the corner of their minds. It occasionally pricked her thoughts, however, reminding that their friendship was coming to an end quickly. Sure, they would always be friends, but college would separate them. Distance would settle inside the space that would form. And she was scared. She didn’t want to loose her best friend.

But she only knew the surface of her friend. Her past was a hazy mystery that she was slowly untangling. Dark secrets would sprout to the surface. Being her best friend, of course, she would not utter them to a soul. Sex was a secret, but she was sure it was a one-time thing for her. After all, her friend wasn’t like that. She was better than that. She was positive that her friend would save love.

So she continued skipping through life, a grin illuminating her face. Everything was right as long as they had each other.

Of course, happiness needs a rest.

Secrets from outside sources filled her ears. No. They were tarnishing her friend. But they were oh so true. Sex still. Still. Her respect she once held for her crumpled. Let down. Falling, falling. She would keep that from her? She didn’t trust her? After all, they were best friends. Supposed to tell your best friend anything. Let down. Trust melting.

Feel alone.