Monday, November 30, 2009

"There IS no dessert!"

The holiday season. Filled with sugar and warmth and bread. Things you probably take for granted.

You see, about a week ago my mother stumbled upon a little devil called "The Sugar Challenge," composed by Dr. Eric Snow (whoever he is..). The Challenge states that for three weeks, one cannot have any sugar except natural sugar. Sounds like no candy, right? Oh so wrong.

My mother leaped at the idea, and thinking this "diet" could help me evade Christmas pounds, I joined her in the challenge. 21 days. How hard could it be?


I'm only allowed to eat vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, eggs, and nuts. That's right, no bread. I love bread. When I get home from school, sluggish from all the homework stuffed into my bag, I think nothing's better than eating something warm and with bread. I must resort to cheese now. Today I drank herbal tea. Rather a long shot from hot chocolate. And zucchini soup. Not even going to start on that one.

At lunch, I bring fruit. This isn't that big of a shock, as I've been snacking on apples for the past year in the cafeteria. But there's something about cafeteria food. It's, once again, warm and appetizing. After a cold morning of school, I need warm, comfort food. Does fruit provide this? Heavens no. It's cold and wet. It also doesn't help to watch people eat junk food the whole half-hour of lunch. And, of course, they get too filled up with all that saturated fat, and they offer me the food. I politely decline.

I walked by a vending machine and realized I can have nothing in it.

I miss granola bars, as they've been my diet for the past three months.

Despite all this lovely complaining, I'm hoping three weeks of this torture will pay off in the end. It's only the fourth day. Why yes, I'm being a tad over-dramatic. I'll keep updates to see if my view has changed on the Challenge.


no man said...

good heavens, you're going to go from a stick to a wire.

why are you doing this to yourself, woman?

fullofsoap said...

Haha. It's supposedly going to give me more energy... and just make me healthier. I dunno about the wire thing, I've been over=eating everyday!