Wednesday, August 19, 2009

junior year

Today was the second day of school, my schedule is as follows:
1st- Mthology/Health
2nd- AP U.S History
3rd- BAND!
4th- Psychology AP
5th- English III AP
6th- Pre-Ap Chemistry
7th- Pre-Cal Adv.

A lot of work, but I think I'll be okay. I thought I would hardly have any friends in my classes, but I've been proved wrong! Gladly. Mythology is going to be easy, as well as Psychology. I think/hope. Chemistry will be the hardest class from what seniors have told me. And band is just going to rock this year! Look for us in those stands, jamming away.

Monday, August 10, 2009

On an Impulse

Some things you just have to write, and then feel surprisingly better once it's out of your system.

She stared at her mask. It had been molded with a soft touch, and light colors caressed the round edges. It was a little worn, being in use for years. Lately, however, the mask seemed to be more frayed than usual. Sighing, she dipped her face into the mask, a frown hidden by the fake smile plastered on the front.

She entered the room. People mobbed about, laughing and drinking. She slipped into the shadows, letting her mask smile. Approaching her party of friends, she would try to be enjoyable, it was no use. New, exciting people flocked into the room, and the party would be drawn to them. The exotic ones would link arms with the party and waltz away. Too bad she couldn’t waltz.

Standing in the shadows, she watched the spotlight flicker from person to person. Anger began to boil in her. It felt like she had been in this position for too long. Days. Years. No one checks the sidelines. Rubbing her face, she tried to keep herself composed. Something fell away into her hands. A piece of the mask had slipped.

Not wanting anyone to see her, she rushed out of the room, true colors dripping with the hot, angry tears. Emotion ripped the mask from her. Shattered. She collapsed on the ground, letting the vivid feelings wash over her. How long before they could leave? She knew she could never reassemble the mask. It was broken forever. She was different. Acceptance was in question, but she didn’t give a care at the moment.

A numbness settled inside her. A beam from a streetlight was cast near her, and she tried to grasp it. Her fingers found each other instead of her wish. Every second the light seemed to move farther away. Anger at herself burst within; why couldn’t she stay close?

But she knew that she could go back. This new thought unfurled inside her, lifted and brushed her off. She crept back into the room. The exotic people were still holding the show. Uneasily she shifted throughout the room. Rounding a corner she and stumbled upon a group of people that weren’t absorbed with the rest of the party. They turned to her, eyes scanning and brains processing. They knew. With kind smiles, they opened up their arms. She felt her body rush towards them, strong arms receiving her.

A whisper escaped from her lips. “Thank you.”