Saturday, June 20, 2009

mission trip!

And yet again, another mission trip! We're supposed to be leaving at 8 a.m today, but the bus is being fixed at the moment... thus I am here.

We're leaving for Preston, Oklahoma, and won't get back until next Sunday!

And I hope the bus doesn't break down on the interstate again, but we're with God, so it should be okay.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what goes on in a girl’s mind at a certain time [spur of the moment]

All the cheery outlooks of my life crumble, and irritation, frustration, and annoyance gush in.

Within the past 10 minutes, I’m ready to bust through my bedroom window and run down the street because:

I sit down and just want to relax but the tv is blaring, which is quite annoying because it shatters my thoughts and then my dad is sneezing which is very loud and that also shatters my already shattered thoughts and then he coughs which is just as loud as his sneeze and by now I can’t function so I go in my room to escape but nonetheless I can still hear the tv and my dad through the walls so I try to read a book I have to finish for a summer assignment but
noise of my house likes to amplify itself so I can’t concentrate so then I stand up and look at myself in the mirror, somehow hoping I’m thinner than usual because I didn’t eat as much junk food when I came home and of course I’m not so of course life isn’t fair and if it’s that time I’ll probably bloat and get even fatter than I am now and then I hear my two cats fighting and they won’t shut up and to top it all off every object I touch seems to tangle with my fingers and I end up dropping it.

So here I sit, glaring at the computer and whoever’s reading this because you probably think I’ve gone a bit mad, when I really haven’t. (And don’t you dare correct me because I started a sentence with “so.”) SO I’m going to curl up under my covers and growl at life; I hope you’ve been entertained by my misery.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i shan't have a title

At the beginning of every summer I think the two following things:
1) I'm going to write write write write write!
2) I'm going to get in shape-- I shall have abs instead of ...nothing.

It never happens.

But maybe this year! Maybe I'll squeeze some time in to type a new story. First I just have to finish my English AP assignments, my American History AP assignments, work, mission trip, band camp, and the list goes on and on... (Notice I didn't mention working out. I don't have any motivation.)

Today, however, I took off from work and went to a friend's sweet 16. It was a pool party, so naturally I'm sunburned. And naturally, even though I wasn't wearing any sleeves, I've acquired a nice farmer's tan. No idea how that happened. It was fun though. Instead of swimming we pretty much sat in the water and talked. I'm glad I got to see my people.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Love Story Parody

And yet another video! Click here.

A parody of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.

Yes I am the dad, and yes I know I look like an idiot, but it's all good fun.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


His eyes trailed from the tufts of grass that sprouted from the sidewalk to a field on his right. The sun, which was outlined with a sea of blue, bathed the grass in its light. The wind was strong today, and a mighty gust entangled itself around him. The air stabbed his eyes, causing them to water. He brushed them with his sleeves, then took notice of a lone figure sitting in the field. A girl. He couldn’t see her face, but made out that she was in a sun dress. A red sun dress. The color went well with the surroundings. If he were an artist, he might have settled himself there on the sidewalk and painted the landscape. As he was not, he could only hope his mind retained the image. Suddenly, a blast of wind spiraled by, and hundreds of white rectangles were freed from the girl’s hands. Papers. They danced with the wind and were highlighted by the sun. He gazed. A girl caught in a hurricane of papers. It was beautiful. She stood, and the wind brushed her dress and played with her long, blonde hair that whipped her in the face. Her arms rose, snatching at the wild papers, but soon gave up, and she remained idle and watched. He heard a melodious laugh. A slowness seeped into the papers, causing them to linger in the sky. Eventually they floated back to the ground.

He rushed to help her without knowing why. Maybe because it was the right thing to do. Maybe he wanted to meet someone that liked to sit in the sun by themselves. Maybe because she and the wind had created a beautiful image. Maybe because she was beautiful. Once he had snatched a few sheets of paper, he walked over to her hunched figure. She stood, arms stuffed with belongings, and faced him.

His heart burst. It was her.

But how she had changed! Her eyes, wide with surprise, were a clear blue, traced with indigo. Had he ever noticed that? Her hair hadn’t been as light when he had last seen her. Instead of a dirty blonde, it appeared as if she had dunked her head in sunlight and bright strands had replaced the old ones. Her face was thinner. And yet, with him drinking in her complexion, he knew she was the same. She had probably bloomed, but she was still a child of the earth.