Monday, October 27, 2008


Well you thought you let go,
but you're still hanging on.

The music prodded her to step
outside on the blustery day.
It suggested that she swing,
only to find that the continuous
movement wasn't enough.
She needed to feel the rush of
adrenaline; she needed her
heart to throb.

Mother Earth's slowing down,
she's still spinning around.

She needed to go on a bike ride.

And we are getting dizzy.

Summer memories drew
themselves in her mind. She
hadn't pounded down a ribbon
of road since school started.
If you need more love,
well you've got to get closer to me.
The October air was nipped with
cold and the North wind grasped
her arms, making her realize that
a jacket would have been a clever
idea. But her thoughts were swept
away by the music humming from
her iPod, and all traces of
unpleasant weather forgotten.
If you want my love,
well you've got to get closer to me.
The summer heat usually caused
her to slow down, but the brisk
air breathed new life in her,
causing her to race down streets---
all caution left behind.
Sure she could get
swamped by a car, but at least
she would be singing when
the incident occurred.
You're my shirt, I an arm.
While laying on the peninsula
in the park, watching the
white-capped waves, she
realized that music gradually
grows to be part of one's body.
It stirs emotions and plants
ideas within. It attaches to
the heart.
I'm the tick, you're the bomb.
The sun warmed her blood.
You're the L and the V,
I'm the O and the E, and we...
She needed a story.
Am I speaking clearly?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's not quite sure if Youtube videos can fit in this particular theme, so take a visit to her other Wordpress blog: to see her English project. Her and three friends filmed a video on The Titans. Twelve Titans played by four people.

And of course, she must take the credit of writing the script and directing it.

And she really needs a story to write.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

starting anew

Like everyone else, she is now using Blogger. Why make the switch? Because Blogger can upload new themes, and she is not limited like she was for Wordpress. So, basically, she's transferred sites because of themes.

She's a visual person.

And she couldn't resist her current theme, because it was as if someone had snatched the image from her mind. She imagined running through a meadow, running to God. And here it is.

ostled her a bit when she stumbled upon it.

She'll keep her
Wordpress blog up and running, but this is the new one. Still titled Descending Sky. Still written by Fullofsoap.

And this text is off to the side for some reason..